What services do we offer?
q   Home Service Contracts                                             q  Termite Inspections & Treatment
q   Power Sprays                                                               q  Rodent Control
q   Carpenter Ant Control                                                 q  Household Pest Treatment
q   Bed Bug Treatmentq  Commercial Service Plans

What kinds of insects can we help to control?
q   Ants    q  Termites
q   Silverfish                                q    Bed Bugs
q    Spider Cricketsq  Mice, rats
q   House Spiders                                     q  Ground Beetles
q   Carpenter Ants                                    q  Food Infesting Insects
q   Bird Control                                         q  Fleas
q   Bees, wasps & yellow jacketsq  Tick Control
q   Roaches, waterbugsq for information

What should I know that would help me make my pest control decision?
qWe have been here, in Livingston, NJ for over 40 years.  When you choose Jay’s you are choosing a company that will be here.
qOur employees make the difference.  The average time an employee has been with Jay’s is over fifteen years.  This gives us the know how to analyze and effectively treat your problem quickly.  And, when you call our full time office staff is here to take your call.  You won’t get an answering machine and have to wait for a call back.    Everyone at Jay’s, from Dan Siegel, Jay’s president,  to each service man is here to talk to you. 
qWe are extremely prompt.  We know your time is important, when we make an appointment; we try at all costs to keep it.  Our office is in constant contact with our servicemen through a two-way radio.  If a schedule cannot be kept, we will let you know as soon as possible. 
qAll of our servicemen are registered with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and trained in the latest pest control and safety techniques.
We hope you will choose Jay’s as our thousands of satisfied customers have.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or stop by our office anytime.