Tired of paying per service call every time you have an issue?

Yearly Service Plans

How do they work?
Our office contacts you once every 4 months for a regular visit.  These regular visits include a baseboard spraying of the entire interior of your home with either standard or all natural products (YOUR CHOICE), and a complete perimeter spraying of the exterior foundation 2ft up and 2ft out.   We also set up traps and monitoring systems for insects and rodents in the unfinished areas of your home.  These are inspected and replaced at each visit.  If you need us in between regular visits for covered insects we come out at no charge and resolve the issue.  Once a year we also do an exterior inspection for potential rodent and insect entry points and other areas of concern and bring them directly to your attention.

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General Insect Home Service Plans

How it Works

What's Covered?

1. Stinging Insects
2. Rodents (mice, rats)
3. Spider/ Cave Crickets
4. Millipedes and centipedes
5.Regular crickets
6. Pavement ants
7. Spiders
8. Beetles
9. Earwigs 

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Carpenter Ant and Termite Yearly Contracts.

For the homeowner who takes the integrity of their home seriously.

Carpenter Ant Protection Plan (C.A.P)

Don't want to take the risk of having a carpenter ant infestation in the first place? Want to avoid having to pay thousands of dollars replacing a damaged deck or structural framing? The CAP program is a tried and true way of avoiding just that.  We come out to your property once a year, specifically when carpenter ants are known to begin activity after hibernation, and treat the foundation, trees, and stumps close to your home to prevent them from ever getting inside in the first place.  Home Service Customers Receive 50% off!

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Termite Inspection Renewals

Want peace of mind that your house is not being consumed by a wood destroying insect such as termites?  Our yearly inspections are a great way to do just that.  On the interior we inspect the visually available framing sitting on top of the foundation and in the garage.   On the exterior we inspect our strategically placed termite monitoring systems that are installed in ground on your initial setup. This plan also comes with a treatment warranty so if any issues arise, the treatment is performed  at no extra cost to you. Home Service Customers Receive 50% off! 

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