Mosquito Control Services 

Tired of being unable to enjoy your outdoor space comfortably due to bites from these pesky creatures?  Jay's has you covered with our 100% GREEN mosquito sprays.  No wait times, no dangerous chemicals, and no need to be home. Scroll down for a more detailed description of our services.

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Treatment Options


One time Special Event Sprays 

Looking to have an outdoor celebration on your property, but worried bug bites will scare your guests inside?  Our one time special event sprays require zero commitment and can be scheduled as close to your party as possible with proper notice.  Perfect for graduation parties, backyard barbecues, and anything else you have planned in your outdoor areas.  Click read more to see our technicians in action.

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Mosquito Barrier Treatment programs

Want to enjoy your outdoor space all summer long without being swarmed by mosquitoes?  Our program offers a treatment applied every 2-3 weeks killing off adult populations while also repelling them from resting in bushes, shrubs, ornamentals, and structural areas near your home.   We recommend that the treatments begin in mid-late April (weather pending), and be continued throughout mid October. Click Read more to see our treatments in action.

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Mosquito Life Cycle and Timeline 

ELPA (egg, larvae, pupae, adult)

Mid April

Starting off

Adult Males and Females come out from hibernation, seeking their first blood meal for the purposes of reproduction.

Beginning of the life cycle 

Phase 2

First eggs are laid (see typical backyard breeding areas)

2-8 days later 

Phase 3

Larvae start to hatch/emerge.

4-8 days later 

Phase 4 

Larvae turn to pupae, the second to last stage of the life cycle before reproduction and bloodmeal hunting occur.

8-14 days later 

Phase 5 (final)

Pupae evolve into full adults, ready to feed on blood meals and reproduce for the next 3-4 weeks  


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